A journey into a country that does not exist

Renting a car

I flew directly into the republic of Cyprus and rented a car near the airport. Renting a car is cheap and easy, but if you want to drive into the north you will not be covered by the rental company and will have to purchase insurance at the border.

The dangers of driving in Cyprus

If you are going to drive in Cyprus, you need to be aware of two things: first, people drive on the left and second, people drive like maniacs.

The scars of 1974

After picking up the car from the rental company, I drove to a random restaurant on the side of the road. An old lady greeted me and began serving me delicious local food.

Entering the TRNC

To enter the TRNC, you must pass a border checkpoint. Your passport is required and if you are driving you will need to purchase insurance at the border. EU, EEA and CH identity cards are also accepted.

A warning about phone cards

If you purchased a sim card for the EU, be aware that your phone card may not work once you cross the border into the TRNC.

Famagusta: a beautiful but tragic place

One of the most beautiful but sad parts of Cyprus is Famagusta.



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