Most people nowadays are aware that the Chinese internet is heavily censored with western internet giants such as Google, facebook and Twitter inaccessible to those on the mainland (except when they use a VPN).

While the Chinese firewalled internet is not secret and fully accessible to those outside China; few…

Disclaimer: I am a resident of Australia but many other countries like the US, Canada, NZ and the UK also tax cryptocurrencies in a similar fashion. I wrote this article because I am pained by the onerous tax rules and because I want these countries to succeed in breeding innovation…

ChainLink has hit the crypto scene with a bang; with a market cap in the billions and an army of hopeful holders that feel safe in the knowledge that ChainLink will be the next big thing in crypto.

These hopes are based on a sound assumption; this industry will need…

We get it, writing transactions by hand or with a poorly designed wallet can be costly, just ask this fat-fingered ETH whale.

Some TokenScript enabled tokens

The team at AlphaWallet is excited to bring to your AlphaWallet version 3.0!

This release comes packed with smarter tokens, ENS integration and a much more intuitive UI.

ENS Integration

Thanks to the ENS team and TokenScript Schema 2020/06, AlphaWallet now comes with ENS integration, allowing you to view your ENS names…

NEST token has come out with a bang, quickly becoming one of the most popular tokens in the entire ethereum ecosystem.

Are you a token issuer or enthusiastic holder but really struggle with the wallet you are using or don’t want to switch to a new wallet just so that you can use the special features of said token?

Maybe you don’t have a custom wallet at all for your token…

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Vouchers for Restaurants on blockchain

With the onset of COVID-19, many businesses are suffering. Funds have dried up as people stop going out and buy less goods and services.

All of this has got us thinking about how in future, the ethereum blockchain will be able to provide tools which…

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With the advent of DeFi, ethereum users have witnessed a true 10x improvement to the legacy financial system. We are now able to earn roughly 10x the amount of interest we get on our bank accounts, are able to issue and use US…

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The team at AlphaWallet is pleased to announce our latest release on iOS and Android which does away with the old fashioned JSON key store and introduces a strong seed phrase backup with protection from the secure enclave!

Get peace of mind knowing…

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